Chip Assembly

At alpha europe, we and our trusted partners are dedicated to delivering IC assembly services of the utmost quality during the production process. Our superior and swift assembly process aids our clients in rapidly introducing their new products to the market. We specialize in the assembly of ICs across both prototype and production volumes to aid in design qualification and to deliver high-caliber samples to our clients.

Custom Solutions and Swift Delivery

At alpha europe, we are well aware that in business, time equates to money. We take pride in our dynamic ability to adjust to the specific requirements and delivery timelines of our customers. Indeed, it is this adaptive proficiency that distinguishes us from our global assembly subcontractor counterparts!

Our manufacturing prowess enables us to cater to both black and optical packages, incorporating:

  • Ultra-fine pitch bonding
  • A broad array of QFN, QFP, SOP, SOT packages
  • BGAs of varying wire counts and body dimensions
  • Custom and module assemblies including SIP and multi-chip configurations
  • Sealing techniques – dam, fill, transfer molding, open cavity

At alpha europe, our gaze is consistently fixed on the future. We continuously allocate investments into new equipment tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. This ongoing commitment empowers all our clients to maintain a vanguard position amidst emerging markets and advancing technologies.

Our suite of IC Assembly services encompasses:

  • Wafer grinding, thinning, and polishing (ranging from 75mm to 300mm wafer diameters)
  • Wafer sawing and dicing (comprehensive wafer, individual dies, and MPW wafer)
  • Die plating and pick-and-place
  • Die inspection
  • Die attachment
  • Wire bonding (employing aluminum, gold, and multi-tier)
  • Flip chip integration
  • Encapsulation and transfer molding
  • Substrate solder ball attachment
  • Device singulation
  • Laser and ink marking
  • Packaging formats including tubes, T&R, and trays

Together with our certified partners in the microelectronics and automotive sector, we assemble your chips in following standard packages:

TypeTechnical Details
600mil 24/28/40, 400mil 22/24/30, 300mil 8/14/16/2
SOP300mil 16/20/24/28, 150mil 8/14/20
T/S-SOPSSOP16…28, TSSOP8…28, MSOP8/10, HSOP11/16,VSSOP8
T/L-QFP5x5-32, 7x7-28…64, 10x10-44…80, 14x14-44…100, 14x20-64…100, 20x20-120
QFN/DFN/LGA1x1 … 15x5mm – 2…256 leads /thickness 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.75, 0.9mm
Power QFNcustomized sizes and also with Au wire up to 2mil and Cu-clips
SOT/TO/ SCSOT23/25/26/89/143/143R/223/343/353/363/553/563/953/963, TO92, SC59/70
PowerTO3, TO220/F-3/5/7/15, TO 251/2, TO 263-3/5, LDPAK-S/L, DPAK-S/L
Optical„clear“ QFN/DFN/LGA in 2x2 … 7x7mm - 3…56 leads /thickness 0.5 … 0.9mm
RFIDspecial package in 0.4 and 0.33mm thickness
SIPcustomized sizes
  • most packages are also available for multi-die and stacked chips
  • standard lead time is on average only 1-2 weeks depending on the package, hot lots (upon request)
  • small volumes are available
  • detailed description and drawing of the packages (upon request)